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[Intro] I'm on some terminated dow shit I'm on some terminated, ay [Verse 1] Fuck I'm buying my tennis shorts Many more show up [?] open up your mouth I'm a dentist to my premises [?] I miss Los Angeles,pissed off,angry And we're just playing handlin' and prom [?] Up-close and personal Like watching The Apocalypse Wearin' binoculars Talking like I'm auctioning Toxic oxygen,boxed in with ostriches My cock is monstrous Pocahontas and Marcus Hard as an iguana in the sun Is the opposite Have a horse voice Like a need a box of lozenges Go to grandma and have some soup And a bowl of sausages You can't process it Blooming like a million cherry blossoms Or some awesome shit White boy that has potential Last samurai [?] petrify how I electrify Bitches with my Iphone Takin' pictures of my bone Terminator fly into your country like a cyclone 20 shows, 18 bitches And then I'll fly home [?] fuckin' spectacular Teeth sharper than Dracula Respect the spectacle you bitch Cause I'm immaculate Top-five crackers crackin,that's accurate [Verse 2] Arcade gangster with the flamethrower Some rappers reach for the sky I guess I aim lower Drink a lot,get 20 million I got 40 geez [?]more fuck when you're boring me It's all on industry I blame it on hieroglyphics Why me screaming,standing on top of a pyramid? The joke is over My live is an awful experiment I'm the fucking last Mohican And I'll still blast the weekend And I'm past to Dickens,and I'm, actually deeper [?]American eagle compared to [?] picture Vision foggy,maybe I'm asking for miracles Can't compare yourself to someone Who just won the lottery You slight the house No one gives the fuck if you slaughtering Tried to be a normal guy Still managed to be unknown Come blow the king I'm coming home [Outro] Write another hundred dumb poems I'm done Holmes

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