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YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! "Man down Where you from, nigga?" "Fuck who you know, where you from, my nigga?" "Where your grandma stay, huh, my nigga?" "This m.A.A.d city I run, my nigga" [Verse 1] Brace yourself, I'll take you on a trip down memory lane This is not a rap on how I'm slingin crack or move cocaine This is cul-de-sac and plenty Cognac and major pain Not the drill sergeant, but the stress that weighing on your brain It was Me, O-Boog[?], and Yaya[?], YG Lucky ride down Rosecrans It got ugly, waving your hand out the window. Check yo self Uh, warriors and Conans Hope euphoria can slow dance with society The driver seat the first one to get killed Seen a light-skinned nigga with his brains blown out At the same burger stand where --- hang out Now this is not a tape recorder saying that he did it But ever since that day, I was lookin at him different That was back when I was nine Joey packed the nine Pakistan on every porch is fine We adapt to crime, pack a van with four guns at a time With the sliding door, fuck is up? Fuck you shootin for if you ain't walkin up you fuckin punk? Pickin up the fuckin pump Pickin off you suckers, suck a dick or die or sucker punch A wall of bullets comin from AK's, AR's, "Aye y'all. Duck." That's what momma said when we was eatin the free lunch Aw man, God damn, all hell broke loose You killed my cousin back in '94. Fuck yo truce Now crawl yo head in that noose You wind up dead on the news Ain't no peace treaty, just pieces BG's up to pre-approve, bodies on top of bodies IV's on top of IV's Obviously the coroner between the sheets like the Isleys When you hop on that trolley Make sure your colors correct Make sure you're corporate, or they'll be calling your mother collect They say the governor collect, all of our taxes except When we in traffic and tragic happens, that shit ain't no threat You movin backwards if you suggest that you sleep with a Tec Go buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial, I guess M.A.A.d city "Man down Where you from, nigga?" "Fuck who you know, where you from, my nigga?" "Where your grandma stay, huh, my nigga?" "This m.A.A.d city I run, my nigga" [Intro/Bridge] If Pirus and Crips all got along They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song Seem like the whole city go against me Every time I'm in the street I hear YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! [Verse 2] Bury meAnnotate alive, bury me with pride Bury me with berries, that forbidden fruit and cherry wine Thank you berry much, but tonight's my night and I'm Barry Bonds Swingin' for the fences, barbaric Kendrick in idle time Everything in life's subject to change, change whip, change grind Change clothes, change opinions, right before I change my mind I don't really know yah business, been in there since I was bendin' Lego blocks Now you tell the world about me, dry snitch Tater tots on my shotgun, now I gotta pop one at the stars Sky's the limit, I gotta finish as the first rapper on Mars Mark my word, I'mma make my mark, even when they start their Martial Law Even when these Martians alienate, my mental state is still at heart Fuck, look in my eyes, tell me I died, tell me I tried, to compromise Tell me you love me, tell me that I, don't give a fuck and can barely decide Wishin' good luck on my enemies, all of my energy go to the almighty God I could drown in a bottle of Hennessy, fuck your amenities, I'm gettin' better with time AHHHHH!

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